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20 May, 2020

Malta joins an international alliance led by Interpol to enhance Cyber Security during COVID-19

In response to the rapid changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cyber Security Malta and the Malta

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19 Feb, 2020

How to Avoid Corona Virus Phishing Scams

The news about the coronavirus pandemic gets a little more frightening with each passing day. The death toll

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05 Sep, 2019

The first cyber attack happened in the 80’s and was called Morris

Today we read the news everyday about cyber attacks, cyber threats and online vulnerabilities but how could one

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03 Sep, 2019

We are surely protecting our kids from the sun … but how are we protecting them online?

We do not have a single doubt that Maltese parents do their best for the well being of

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07 Aug, 2019

Cyber Security in Formula 1 races … Is it a thing?

Formula 1 - One of the most advanced motorsport disciplines practiced by mankind has become more and more

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02 Aug, 2019

We take a lot of security measures … but do we also consider what’s not so obvious?

Day in day out we listen to awareness on health and safety and we listen so much that

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06 Jun, 2019

Why is it important to update your antivirus software?

How many times do we see antivirus update notifications and we ignore them? It is important to constantly

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30 May, 2019

CyberCast: All you need to know about Social Media and it’s digital security

In an era where social media is one of the most powerful communications and marketing platforms, it is

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15 May, 2019

CYBERCAST: All you need to know about backups

During April, CyberCast tackled backups. Through the four weekly episodes, we had the opportunity to discuss the importance

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12 Oct, 2020

Beware of an Apple phishing scam that is doing the rounds

Cyber criminals are trying to copy emails and text messages from legitimate companies to trick you into giving

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09 Oct, 2020

Cyber Security Webinar announced... Emerging Threats Unplugged!

The ever changing technology and the wide use of digital media are making attackers smarter! Risk and severity

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01 Oct, 2020

It's October and it's #CyberSecMonth!

Malta joins the rest of the European Union’s to promote online security among EU citizens. The annual cybersecurity

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12 Sep, 2020

Bluetooth flaw lets hackers attack you wirelessly from 250 metres away

Your laptop, smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth chip provides an easy way to connect wireless speakers, keyboards and other

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02 Sep, 2020

Increasing concern about ‘Hackers for hire’

Britain’s cyber-chief has warned about the growing threat from “hackers for hire” and rogue states that are weaponising

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02 Sep, 2020

International piracy network brought down

A criminal network of copyright infringing hackers, mainly responsible for pirating movies and hosting illegal digital content worldwide

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27 Aug, 2020

Beware of a Netflix phishing scam

A Netflix phishing email is doing the rounds. Don't get hooked by it! It claims to be from

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27 Aug, 2020

Google Drive flaw lets hackers easily install malware

The new flaw makes you vulnerable to malware and spam attacks if you access shared files on Google

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21 Aug, 2020

Microsoft has finally killed Internet Explorer

The company confirmed that the browser will finish this week. Microsoft explained that the Microsoft Teams web app

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“Being the central driver of Government’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta it is imperative for MITA to lead the National Cyber Security campaign. This means our Agency is key to invest in the latest technological developments and applicability in order to reduce cyber security threats and challenges while increasing recognition on a nation-wide scale of the importance to adopt cyber security measures.”

Tony Sultana MITA Executive Chairman

“In the same way we do our utmost to protect ourselves in the physical world, we need to make sure we take care of our security, and the ones we love, in the digital world.”



Dr. Miriam Dalli Member of the European Parliament

“On a national level, Malta has a strategy to make sure we have the highest level of cyber security for all those using the internet and the digital world in general.”

Hon. Clayton Bartolo Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy

“The Cyber Security Malta Campaign is very important because it is educating the general public about the risks related to our digital activity. It is in everyone’s best interest to be informed about this initiative.”



Hon. Silvio Schembri Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses

“As our reliance on technology increases, so does the impact of cybercrime on everyday life.  Cybercriminals thrive on user error and organizational complacency towards cybersecurity.  As society attempts to ‘keep up’ in such a fast-moving environment, the Cyber Security Awareness Campaign has aided in filling this gap by providing information about the newest cyber risks.”

Insp. Timothy Zammit Police Inspector - Cyber Crime Unit

Campaigns like Cyber Security Malta are very important since they help the general public staying safe online by constantly raising awareness about what could be digitally harmful to us. Thank you Cyber Security Malta!

Amber Singer and TV Personality

Passwords! If users only get to know the dangers of weak passwords! The key to this is education – from primary schools to companies. Thanks to Cyber Security- Malta, this will help solve a big loop hole that is never taken seriously.

Matthew Vassallo Network Administrator at an import and distribution company

We believe that the education of our young Maltese students necessitates the use of digital technologies. The One Tablet Per Child project is one initiative in this regard. This initiative has highlighted the need for cyber security education which ensures our children’s responsible and secure use of such technologies.

Keith Aquilina Education Officer (Digital Literacy), Directorate for Digital Literacy & Transversal Skills, MEDE.