3 Best Ways to Backup your Data

If you’ve been meaning to backup your data, and you can’t seem to get hold of the best way to do so, here are the best 3 ways to do it. Our suggestions is that you read this quick and go ahead with your backups before its too late!


  1. KEEP IT IN THE CLOUD. Modern day backup systems are using the cloud services. They are very efficient means to perform your backups and access them easily from your computers, phones and tablets. The good thing about them is that they are in most cases, encrypted and unless you don’t intend to store huge files, they can be offered for free. Some services out there are One Drive, iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.


  1. SAVE IT TO AN EXTERNAL DRIVE. These are very easy to use systems which basically work with a ‘drag and drop’ procedure, which renders backups as an easy process. However, the down side of  this kind of backup is that sometimes, disk failure happens and in this case it can mean that you lose all your backups. Also it is good to store these hard drives in safe places – You don’t want to forget where you have put your backups!


  1. SAVE IT TO A NAS DEVICE. A Network Attached Storage is a server that is specifically dedicated to your backups. This may be a costly option yet one of the best in that it offers various features such as automated backups, and replication of data on the cloud, both of  which offer additional peace of mind.
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