5 Ways Governments make sure they are Cyber Secure

Keeping a government cyber secure is no joke. A cyber attack on a governmental department can be an issue of national scale which could affect hundreds of thousands.

For this to be avoided, Goverments adopt various procedures with these being the 5 most vital ones:

  1. Undertake risk assesments – Prevention is better than cure as they say. Governments conduct various tests which analyze the vulnerability of its systems.
  2. Gain intelligence – Just like every other security situation, intelligence is vital in Cyber Security. It helps predict attacks and learn what new cyber attack trends are arising.
  3. Invest in Cyber Security Talent – It is a known fact that Government IT Agencies employ the best tech people who not only are able to protect its systems, but act quick in case of a national cyber attack.
  4. Education – The best teams need the best training to keep themselves updated. Governments collaborate with various stakeholders to keep their Cyber Security teams up-to-date.
  5. Be Dynamic – A crisis response plan is not a fire exit plan. It changes by the minute and Governments employ people who’s expertise are to keep the IT Agency fresh on the latest technologies and security infrastructures.

Just like Governments, on a smaller scale you could create your own Cyber Security Protection. Plan ahead and keep yourself updated.

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