A cyber attack can be the biggest risk for the energy industry

Having a secure energy supply is no longer about constant supply or lack of it caused by gas supply cut offs. The strongest security tool is that in the computer systems through which supply, processing and distribution are managed.

Cyber Security is a fundamental issue in such cases. This is because such supplies are run by private companies who make large amounts of money yearly and tend to become targets for internation criminals and hostile governments.

Altough throughout the years, the supply of oil, which is turned into energy outstrips the demand, this does not make this business sector a risk-free one and altough there is plenty of supply, there are still cases where this source of energy becomes the target for crime.

The complex energy system is highly vulnerable to both accident and deliberate intervention. The supply chains from one country to another, and the openness of the network at all levels, means that consumers — individuals, businesses and those dependent on continuous supplies of energy such as hospitals, links in the food chain and transport — are all vulnerable in the event of attack.

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