A majority of teens have experienced social media bullying

A study which was conducted in the United States shows that 59% of U.S teens have suffered from cyberbullying and say that it is a major problem at their age.

It is a known fact that bullying through the early ages of the teenage period has always been strong but studies are showing that the availability of social communication through smartphones and social media platforms have made it easier for bullies to harass their victims.

These studies show that 42% of the teens have been victims of name calling whilst another 32% have been victims of false rumors which were spread about them online.

These actions have brought several emotional repercussions but there are ways and means of how one can tackle these issues.

First and foremost, it is suggested by various experts in the sector that cyberbullies should be absolutely ignored. Answering to cyberbullying is like giving more firepower to the bully to do more bullying.

Thankfully all social media platforms are equipped with services which help you block and report the cyberbully. Last but not least, remember that although you might feel weak in front of the bully, you are not alone. Seek help; the support line 179 is a service offered by Aġenzija Appoġġ which is there to help you.

Just like any other innovative technology, social media has its pros and cons and unfortunately one of the disadvantages is cyberbullying. Beware who you add to your network .. not everyone wants to be friends with you online.

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