Apple Disables Walkie Talkie App from Apple Watch Due To Security Flaw

Apple has disabled the walkie talkie app from the Apple watch line after a vulnerability was discovered enabling hackers to secretly listen to your iPhone conversations.

The Walkie Talkie App is a feature launched by Apple in 2015 on their Apple Watch products which let users converse with others in real-time by simply pressing a button on their watch and talking into it.

Although Apple didnโ€™t release much detail about this flaw, a spokesperson for the company has said that the bug was giving access to the hacker to listen to conversations that were done on iPhones which were paired with Apple Watches.

The issue was identified by a client through the vulnerability portal on Appleโ€™s website.

Apple faced a similar incident earlier this year where they were forced to disable Group FaceTime after discovering a major security flaw.


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