Attempted attack on BOV systems – Clients’ money declared safe

In a statement released by the local bank Bank of Valletta, it was known that the named bank was forced to temporarily shut down its operations after a potential hack on the banking system was identified.

In the same statement it was noted that for the bank to assure the best service for the clients in such circumstances, the bank was communicating with both local and foreign police.

In the mean time, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat spoke in Parliament about the issue where he stated that the first indications show that the bank identified the hacking prior to some attempted transactions which add up to €13 million from four different banks in four different countries. PM Joseph Muscat reassured the general public that no money from the clients’ accounts was affected due to these transactions.

The Prime Minister also noted that the bank identified the hack in less than 30 minutes and reacted immediately on an international level.

Joseph Muscat listed various details about the case including that it originated from outside our country and stated that while the BOV System is shut down, it is undergoing various tests to ensure that it is 100% clean from the attack before going back in full operations.

Here, once again the Prime Minister re assured that the clients’ money is safe and added that now that the case is in the Police Force hands, a Magisterial Inquiry is launched with the purpose of determining what caused this case.

In his statement, Joseph Muscat said that the National Committee for Digital Security is taking all necessary precautions and is presently surveilling all that is going on with this case.

In a reaction that the Opposition Leader made in relation to this case, he described it as an attack on one of the most important institutions in the country.

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