05 Sep, 2019

The first cyber attack happened in the 80’s and was called Morris

Today we read the news everyday about cyber attacks, cyber threats and online vulnerabilities but how could one

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03 Sep, 2019

We are surely protecting our kids from the sun … but how are we protecting them online?

We do not have a single doubt that Maltese parents do their best for the well being of

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07 Aug, 2019

Cyber Security in Formula 1 races … Is it a thing?

Formula 1 - One of the most advanced motorsport disciplines practiced by mankind has become more and more

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02 Aug, 2019

We take a lot of security measures … but do we also consider what’s not so obvious?

Day in day out we listen to awareness on health and safety and we listen so much that

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06 Jun, 2019

Why is it important to update your antivirus software?

How many times do we see antivirus update notifications and we ignore them? It is important to constantly

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30 May, 2019

CyberCast: All you need to know about Social Media and it’s digital security

In an era where social media is one of the most powerful communications and marketing platforms, it is

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