Cyber Security in Formula 1 races … Is it a thing?

Formula 1 – One of the most advanced motorsport disciplines practiced by mankind has become more and more dependant on technology.

All teams send high-speed data between the garage and car which is vital for the driver and the engineers. Given the competitive environment, this data needs to be transferred in a very secure manner. F1 teams don’t spare any money on this matter and they all engage with some of the biggest companies in the industry to prevent cyber attacks and data loss.

A spokesperson for an Information Security company Acronis described their work in motorsport like medicine. He said that whilst they do a lot of preventive work, cyber threats still happen and it’s very important for them to be ready for all instances.

He explained that the first step to ensure security for all teams is to have all the data encrypted and accessible with full control. He added that it is imperative for them to have reliable backups that can recover data if any is lost.

Just like for the teams and for the drivers, Formula 1 is all about challenges for cybersecurity providers and in overcoming those, it helps technology become safer and teams more successful.

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