CyberCast Weekly: All you need to know about emails

During the second month of CyberCast Weeky, we dealt about emails. This is because email, being one of the most frequently used source of communication, brings along some risks for which one may easily fall a victim to.

As one can conclude from the attached videos, presented by Kim, it is important that that each and every one of us exercises due caution in the use of emails s especially those received from unidentified sources or those having unidentified attachments.

One strong advice that CyberCast Weekly has given this month  is that your bank will never ask you for your personal details through an email. Hence, should you receive such kind of email, rest assured that it  is of a fraudulent nature. Beware of such emails as they leave many victims on a daily basis!

For more details on how you can use your email securely, watch all four CyberCast Weekly episodes below. Don’t worry – All four episodes won’t take you more than 4 minutes to watch.


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