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Friday 29th October 2021
09:30 - 16:00 CEST

Main Auditorium

09:30 – 10:00


10:00 – 10:05
Mr. Jonathan Cassar

Chief Technology Officer & Head Information Security and Governance Department, MITA

Welcome Note

10:05 – 10:40
Dr. Jessica Barker

Expert in the Human Side of Cyber Security

The Cyber Human Nature

  • Abstract: Cyber security is about a lot more than technology, it’s also about the way we think, what motivates our behavior and how we can be manipulated. In this session, Dr Jessica Barker unmasks the ways in which cyber criminals exploit human nature to compromise their victims - and how this makes us all susceptible to online scams. Combining real life case studies with insights from psychology, sociology and behavioral economics, this entertaining and informative talk will give you a new perspective on cyber security. You will leave with a better understanding of how to protect yourself and those around you, both at work and at home.
10:40 – 11:25
Mr. Milad Aslaner

Senior Director of Cyber Defence Strategy, Sentinel One

Panel Moderator

The Maltese Fort – Top local events... a year in review

  • Abstract: A retrospective panel discussion led by Mr. Milad Aslaner from SentinelOne, hosting representatives from The Malta Information Technology Agency, GO plc, Gaming Innovation Group and The Malta Police Force, highlighting the main cyber events on the local threat landscape. This session will also provide the opportunity to share experiences and challenges encountered in dealing with such events and what can be done to better protect and prevent from future cyberattacks.

  • MITA - Mr. Reuben Gauci (Security Operations Centre Project Manager, MT-CSIRT)
    GO – Mr. Kenneth Ciangura (Information Security Manager)
    GiG – Ms. Diane Abela (Director Information Security)
    Malta Police Force - Inspector Timothy Zammit (Operational Manager of the Police Cyber Crime Unit)

11:25 – 11:45


Great Siege 1565 Auditorium (Technical Stream)

11:45 – 12:15
Mr. Joseph Azzopardi

Lead Architect Infrastructure, ICT Solutions

Mr. Finian Massa

Strategic Marketing Manager, ICT Solutions

Security as Code – using automation and next gen SIEM to turbo charge your organisation’s security

  • Abstract: While infrastructure as code has taken the world of technology by storm, this session extends the concept towards improving organisational security – reducing cost and risk while also introducing tangible actionable examples to help organisations manage their security posture.
12:15 – 12:45
Mr. George Koutepas

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, CERT-EU

Working with IOCs – IOC Workflows at CERT-EU

  • Abstract: We present the workflows for managing IOCs at CERT-EU. How we ingest sources, internal processing, contextualisation, sharing, present consumers and future development ideas. This is explained both in the context of CERT-EU and its constituency, with the corresponding sharing controls.
12:45 – 13:15
Mr. Antoine Debono &
Mr. Robert Muscat

Information Security Specialists & Session Facilitators, MITA

Cyber affair

  • Abstract: The past two years have been the most unprecedented years of the 21st century and the cyber security domain is no exception. Whether you like it or not, attacks and vulnerabilities have become a run of the mill in the information security field; the same notion applies with adversaries. This session will discuss supply chain attacks and techniques to unveil your supply chain’s attack surface. Subsequently, we'll exchange views on how to build trust in the cyber sphere through transparency and participative security exercises such as bug bounties, to identify vulnerabilities.
13:15 – 13:25


Digital Decade Auditorium (Executive Stream)

11:45 – 12:45
Mr. Andrew Schembri

Senior Manager, PwC

Panel Moderator

Truth or Dare

  • Abstract: Cyber threats affect businesses of all sizes and require the attention and involvement of both technical and executive level personnel. Senior leadership engagement in defining an organization's risk strategy and levels of acceptable risk is critical, as this drives the different security initiatives that occur throughout the year and limits the power struggles that can hurt IT security. Together, we will test how much this proposition is successfully reaching through the different sectors and industries and at which seniority levels.

  • Public Sector –
    Mr. Clinton Farrugia
    (Chief Information Officer at Ministry for Foreign & European Affairs) and
    Mr. Kristian Mamo
    (ICT officer at Ministry for Foreign & European Affairs)

    SME –
    Mr. Matthew Vassallo
    (ICT Systems Engineer at VJ Salomone Pharma) and
    Ms. Jackie Mangion
    (Operation Manager at VJ Salomone Pharma)

    Enterprise –
    Mr. Keith Cauchi
    (Head of IT Security at MeDirect)
    Mr. Ney Walens De Mesquita
    (Head of IT at MeDirect)
    Mr. Luca Di Michele
    (Head of Development at eCabs Company Limited)
    Mr. Marvin Cuschieri
    (Chief Officer Human Capital and Corporate Services at eCabs Company Limited)

    Consultant –
    Dr. Dimitrios Patsos
    (Senior Security Specialist at Microsoft)
12:45 – 13:15
Mr. James Slaby

Director of Cyber Protection, Acronis

Understanding and Defending Against Modern Cyberthreats

  • Abstract: Businesses are facing unprecedented threats to their uptime and data integrity from a growing wave of industrialized cybercrime. Phishing, ransomware and tech supply-chain attacks have gained a sophistication and volume that challenges every organization’s cyber defenses. James Slaby, Director of Cyber Protection at Acronis, will examine the current cyberthreat landscape, dive into the evolving tactics of the most urgent threats, and offer tips on strategy to defend against them.
13:15 – 13:25


Main Auditorium

13:25 – 13:30

Prague 2021 – European Cyber Security Challenge

13:30 – 14:00
Mr. Chris Farrugia

Senior Lecturer at MCAST

Mr. Robert Abela

Senior Lecturer at MCAST

Ms. Jennifer Bellizzi

Second year PhD Student

Dr. Christian Colombo

Senior Lecturer at University of Malta Department of Computer Science

The Cyber Research Domain: From Threat, to Tool, to Training

    • Abstract: With high profile cyber security attacks making the headlines and people being scammed on a daily basis, it is difficult to understate the importance of the topic both on a national and international level. Being the largest educational institutions in Malta, we - UoM and MCAST - have a social responsibility to educate people on how to avoid common pitfalls and build resilient systems for a more secure online experience. In this talk, we focus on how we give students a good grounding in software development, networking concepts and good practices, being the basis of any journey in cyber security. Beyond this, the talk introduces contemporary and future cyber threats, highlighting the development of cutting edge tools through internationally-funded research projects, enabling us to provide the best training to aspiring security professionals.
14:00 – 14:30
Dr. Mike Jankowski-Lorek

Director of Consulting, Cybersecurity Expert, cQURE

Online First Aid Kit

  • Abstract: Have you ever been in a digital emergency? Victim of a cyber-attack! Wish you had a First Aid Kit to be able to identify, contain and recover from a data breach. Mike Jankowski-Lorek from the renowned cyber security firm CQURE, will share the insights on the skills and good practices to respond to a cyber-attack. In this demo-packed session the cyber-security expert will demonstrate a live hack, perform extraction of artifacts from the evidence and expose the power of logs and effective monitoring.
14:30 – 15:15
Ms. Martina Zammit

CEO and Co-founder, Gadgets

Cybersecurity a conjoined mission

  • Abstract: Cyber security has become an essential part for the survival, functioning and growth of a nation state in the modern era. Cyber security within the cyber-space is essential for effective management and operation of the economy, the delivery of essential services to citizens such as health and communication services, and the running of the political and democratic process. The Cyber space has no boundaries and cyber-attacks may have adverse effects on more than one nation state. This cross-border nature of cyber security merits a conjoined approach between nation states and organizations to collectively fight against malicious threat actors engaging in cyber-attacks and cyber threats to compromise organizations or entire nations.

  • Public Sector – Prof. Andre Xuereb (Ambassador for Digital Affairs, Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs)
  • Inter–governmental organisation – Mr. Shane Cross (Head of the Cybercrime Intelligence Unit and Cyber Fusion Center within INTERPOL’s Cybercrime Threat Response Sub-Directorate)
  • European Cyber Security body – Dr. Apostolos Malatras (Team Leader for Knowledge and Information Team at the EU Agency for Cybersecurity)

15:15 – 16:00
Mr. Jamie Woodruff

Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security specialist

The Changing face of Cyber Security

  • Abstract: In this thought-provoking, fast-paced and inspiring talk, Europe's leading ethical hacker Jamie Woodruff will take you through the evolution of cyber-security, hacking and social engineering. He will explore the often-overlooked areas of weaknesses in many organisations, providing applicable insights into cybersecurity frameworks, human behaviour and tech policy. Jamie will share some of his incredible stories and physical infiltration anecdotes at well-known corporations, in order to prove the ease of accessing these mission-critical systems where companies hold their data. Including live on-stage demonstrations, this eye-opening session will also provide ideas for remedies that individuals and businesses can implement, in order to immediately ensure greater security and safety.




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