Facebook introduces new Messenger safeguard aimed at combating scams and fake friends

Facebook announced a new feature for Messenger designed to cut down on malicious parties looking to scam users.
If suspicious activity is detected, the app will pop up a chat window noting the issue, along with options for blocking or ignoring the user. The system has already seen a limited roll out for some Android users, dating as far back as March; iOS functionality, meanwhile, is set to arrive some time next week.

The feature aims to both cut down on scammers and users posing as other people, along with helping to protect minors from bad actors. The system is designed to limit interactions between adults and younger users who arenโ€™t already connected on the platform.

Facebook says the feature will continue to work with the addition of end-to-end encryption on the platform, which is likely where that machine learning comes in, keeping human operators from having to view potentially sensitive information.

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