How to make sure you’re using social media in the most secure way?

Social media is one of the most trending innovations of the century and it is found in everyone’s pockets – on their phones, tablets, smartwatches, and computers. Whilst it can be fun, informative and entertaining, it can bring along some risks. Here are some tips which you can keep in mind when using social media.

Social Media without friends is nothing but make sure that your social media friends are real and legitimate. There are profiles online that are specifically created to fraud people. It is suggested that you don’t have online friends who are not friends in real life.

Hacking is very popular on social media. A few good practices to avoid this are to change your password frequently and to make sure you log out when leaving your office desk or public computers.

Social Media misuse can affect your life outside the virtual world. Don’t post your vacation photos before you’re back. These photos can create the perfect opportunity for thieves to identify your house as a vacant one for them to easily rob.

It is not rocket science! Using social media in a safe way only requires you to think twice before you act.

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