“I have nothing to do with this … This is a scam” – Davide Tucci

An article that was published and shared through social media claiming that Maltese actor Davide Tucci made around €2.3 million through a Bitcoin trading platform after going bankrupt has been called “clearly a scam” by the actor himself.

Tucci stated through a Facebook video that he has nothing to do with such articles and he explained that he was never involved in such trading or approved of such material to be published in his name. He added that the case is of a very serious matter and he will be taking legal action through the Malta Police Cyber Crime Unit.

Davide clearly said that he worked hard through the years to establish himself and his name and that he won’t let such incidents taint his identity.

The scam article which was originally posted on a site called Major News was claiming that Tucci was invited on Maltese show – ONE Breakfast where he spoke about this matter and how he has risen from bankruptcy. The article also says that Davide convinced the presenter Elaine Degorgio to invest €250 on air which allegedly accumulated to almost €400 throughout the interview.

In a separate post, the presenters of ONE Breakfast declared that they will be taking legal action on the issue.

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