Japan to analyse more than 200 million gadgets in preparation for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020

Japan is preparing for a national sweep of more than 200 millon devices which are connected over a network for cyber-security checks ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Government announced that they will carry out these vulnerability checks as from February on items such as routers, webcams and web-connected home appliances.

It is known that Tokyo is beefing up its cyber security as the nation prepares to host the biggest sports events such as the Rugby World Cup this year and the Summer Olympic Games.

A spokesperson announced that these checks are very important given that sporting events are continously introducing technologies to everything from broadcast to ticketing.

It is a known fact that such events are prone to cyber attacks with the last Winter Olympic Games being a strong example.

During these Olympic Games in PyeongChang, Internet and wifi systems went down just as the opening ceremonies began, with the event officials acknowledging that they had been victims of cyber attacks.

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