Marketing company learns about backups the hard way

A marketing agency in the United States learned about backups the hard way when they realised they had no copy of data which employee deleted when he was โ€œspring cleaningโ€ their servers.

The employee, who clearly didnโ€™t have any knowledge about how things work when it comes to clean up unwanted data from his computer, left his employers with a huge data loss problem. This happened when, one fine day he decided to make space in their servers by deleting all that he was not using.

This caused the company huge data loss which almost drove them to bankrupcy. Luckily a few items were recovered but most of the data was lost forever.

This company has alot to teach other companies who donโ€™t take their backups seriously. A simple mistake by an untrained employee could have forced the business to close its doors.

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