MFSA with a warning about a company claiming to operate from Malta

The Malta Financial Services Authority warned the public on an entity which operates with the name FXNobels, which also has an online presence via website

In a statement, MFSA stated that although this entity claims that it is operating from an address in Malta, the Authority confirms that this is not the case.

According to information acquired by MFSA, FXNobels defines itself as a forex brokerage which permits consumers to sell and purchase forex, CFDSs, stocks and virtual coins on internet.

MFSA warned the public in Malta and overseas that FXNobels IS NOT licensed and not even authorized in any way by MFSA to provide financial investment services that need a licence or other authorization under the Maltese law. Moreover, information acquired by the Authority indicates thatย ย is most probably a dubious scheme with high risk of money loss. Therefore, consumers of financial services should not enter into business or transactions with the mentioned entity.

MFSA appealed to investors and consumers of financial services that, before they commit themselves to any investment or enter in any financial services transaction, they should ascertain themselves that the entity, with whom the investment or transaction is made, is authorized to provide those services by MFSA or any other authorised financial services regulator.

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