MITA announces a new initiative to help seniors in the digital world

Seniors in a digital world is the theme of a new campaign that will help older people take care of their digital security.
In this campaign senior citizens will be given practical information on how to protect themselves online. It will address various topics including security on public Wi-Fi, the importance of strong passwords, fraudulent e-mails and links, the use of software such as anti-virus and anti-spyware, as well as the protection of personal and sensitive information.

MITA Executive Chairman Tony Sultana said that in MITA’s new strategy, technological innovation is being given great importance. The digital security aspect is also being addressed. In this regard, MITA is launching a campaign for people of a certain age to provide information and research for greater accessibility.
The Minister for the Economy and Industry, Silvio Schembri, said that the elderly are being given piority in the digital world, especially at the time of a pandemic. The use of technology has increased at a high rate where seniors are using the internet to communicate with their families. In this respect, the Government is working to protect the elderly.

The Ministry for the Elderly is also participating in this campaign, which is making technology more accessible, by providing free wi-fi service in old people’s homes.

The Minister for the Elderly and Active Aging, Dr. Michael Farrugia claimed that the elderly will be given the necessary information to communicate with their relatives. In terms of digital security, it’s important for seniors to get the right information so they don’t let anyone take advantage of them.

The campaign that will take place on the media and social media will be led by popular actor Narcy Calamatta.
Just as seniors take care of their safety in normal life, they must do the same when they are online in the digital world.

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