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27 Mar, 2021

Number Spoofing cases in Malta

Scammers are using technology that allows them to display a legitimate number from telephone company GO on people’s

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10 Mar, 2021

MITA announces a new initiative to help seniors in the digital world

Seniors in a digital world is the theme of a new campaign that will help older people take

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26 Feb, 2021

Cyber Security Essentials

Cyber Security is the practice of defending networks, systems, and applications from cyberthreats Digital data and operations are

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01 Feb, 2021

WhatsApp scam doing the rounds in Malta

Beware of a dangerous hack that could let cybercriminals access your messages and your contacts. The hacker will

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26 Jan, 2021

What is cloud-based security and how does it work?

Many organizations are moving their applications and data to the cloud rather than incurring the costs of purchasing

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24 Jan, 2021

Security Operations Centre and fishing

Cyber Security Malta launched a series of videos featuring the Security Operations Centre. It will focus on a

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