16/10/2018: Launch of a National Cyber Security Awareness and Educational Campaign

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri launched the National Cyber Security Awareness and Educational Campaign, in the presence of the Minister for National Security and Home Affairs Michael Farrugia.

Silvio Schembri emphasized on the need that the public is educated and well informed on the possible cyber risks that exist on the net in an era where more people are buying more online, sharing personal information on social platforms on daily basis and exposing themselves through various digital application on cyber space. “As a Government we feel that it is in the public own interest to be fully aware about the risks involved and know the measures to take to enhance their digital security.” He added that the campaign is aimed at reaching various stratas of the Maltese society and will be spread over a period of 2 years.

“Our work doesn’t stop here. In fact, a survey has been conducted amongst the general public which outcome shall serve as a basis to ensure effective delivery to the general public. We want to deliver a collective strong message on digital security in a way that is direct and effective” said Schembri while adding that during this year Malta participated for the first time in the European Cyber Security Month which is celebrated during this month.


The Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Michael Farrugia said that the Maltese Government is committed to not only encourage the development and use of digital space but is also committed to continue working to ensure the protection of this space. The Government will be working to create the necessary structures to have a more sophisticated defence system that protects the digital space from complicated attacks. These structures will be based on a legislative, technical and operational point of view, so that technical measures will be taken when an attack is identified. This will ensure that the Maltese digital infrastructure continues to operate smoothly said Farrugia.


MITA’s Executive Chairman Tony Sultana said that the campaign is going to be more intensive than the one that took place during the last 2 years. This is because it is also focusing on practical training. In fact, a better training on this sector will take place in the public sector and this is because it is the sector that holds most critical and sensitive information about citizens and the country. Thus, it is in the best interest that the necessaru work is carried out to protect our country on a digital scale.


The campaign shall raise awareness of how digital security can be improved by means of emphasizing on the need of longer passwords, characteristics and change it regularly, raise cautiousness on providing personal data and when purchasing. He also added the identifying of spam emails, responsible use of social media and the phenomenon of phishing, that is users become aware of fraudulent practices of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies asking for personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers.