Security Awareness Training for Executives (SATE)

Course Content

Course will give attendees a realistic view of the current threat landscaping that shall lead executives for a better understanding of what Information security means, what needs to be protected and the legal obligations. Attendees will gain expertise on how to address security incidents within the organisation. Furthermore, the course will help executives in adopting Cyber hygiene within their professional and personal life.

Course Duration

1 Day

Who is this course for?

The course is intended for business owners and executives whom their business operation is connected to the cyber space.

Course Syllabus

    • The world around us
    • Examples of incidents
    • Cost of incidents
    • Attacker’s viewpoint
    • Technical Terms
    • Understanding Information security and privacy basics
    • What needs to be protected and why
    • Executives’ legal and operational responsibilities
    • GDPR compliance
    • Risk management fundamentals
    • Case studies of internal and external attacks
    • A deep dive into the risk associated with internal threat actors (employees)
    • Brand reputation impact from leakage to Social networks
    • How to plan for an incident
    • Measures to implement in order to recover from an incident
    • Cyber hygiene – Practical tips and guidelines for security in the daily, personal and family life of the executive