Scammers Take Advantage of the Corona Virus Outbreak

Whilst the death toll from the Corona Virus outbreak keeps rising, scammers are taking advantage of this situation and preying on people’s fear. Phishing emails have already started circulating where scammers are claiming that they have information on how you can protect yourself and loved ones from this disease. Other scammers took these phishing attempts to another level by targetting businesses in sectors affected by this virus such as transportation and finance industries.

For example, one of the emails being sent to the logistics industry features a subject line “Corona Virus – A brief note for the shipping industry”. The email contains an attached document that activates a series of malicious software when opened. This attack will allow attackers access to any data which the user has access to which may include sensitive company data or personal data.

It is being recommended that emails from untrusted sources are treated with extreme caution and any email attachments aren’t opened unless the source is verified. This can be strengthened by a cybersecurity awareness programme where employees should be constantly updated with the latest trends in spam related attacks.

It is also very important to keep investing in the latest cyber security technologies.

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