22 May, 2020

Facebook introduces new Messenger safeguard aimed at combating scams and fake friends

Facebook announced a new feature for Messenger designed to cut down on malicious parties looking to scam users.

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20 May, 2020

Malta joins an international alliance led by Interpol to enhance Cyber Security during COVID-19

In response to the rapid changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cyber Security Malta and the Malta

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16 May, 2020

Hackers target US President Donald Trump

Hackers stole files from a major law firm and are threatening to release ‘dirty laundry’ on Donald Trump

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18 Jul, 2019

Apple Disables Walkie Talkie App from Apple Watch Due To Security Flaw

Apple has disabled the walkie talkie app from the Apple watch line after a vulnerability was discovered enabling

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29 Mar, 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere including in Healthcare. Studies have shown that the more that AI is implemented in

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