We are surely protecting our kids from the sun … but how are we protecting them online?

We do not have a single doubt that Maltese parents do their best for the well being of their kids. Every parent tries to do what is best for his/her kids and we’re sure that all parents did their utmost to protect their kids from the sun this summer by using the best sunscreens and other protection.

But unfortunately there are still parents that unconsciously or because they are uninformed do not look out for what their kids are doing online. Summer holidays are a chunk of free time for students which is usually consumed with online browsing, video streaming and communication with friends.

Unfortunately a lot of risks exist for our children online but remedies are available as well. Thanks to simple technologies like apps which are available for free, one can have an overview of what the kids are doing online and even blocking unwanted sites from their devices from the comfort of your own smartphone. Have a look at these technologies … it’s not as difficult as you think to protect your kids online.

Danusan produced a video about this … have a look.

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