We take a lot of security measures … but do we also consider what’s not so obvious?

Day in day out we listen to awareness on health and safety and we listen so much that almost every safety procedure has become obvious when one discusses this topic. On the other hand there are other procedures which people tend to forget or are still not informed about, but are as important as the obvious ones.

The comical duo Danusan explained this perfectly with a construction site example. A worker might think that he is perfectly safe with all the safety gear that he wears on site but might forget something that is less obvious…sunblock to protect him from the sun.

All this was a cover story for a very important message related to cyber security…. But one might ask what does sunblock have to do with cyber security? Just like we tend to ignore the fact or some of us might not be informed enough that we need to do sunblock to protect ourselves from the sun, we seem to forget or just accept the fact that we don’t know how to take measures to protect ourselves in the digital world.

Watch this short clip by Danusan:


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